Saturday, April 25, 2015

Zone 5b - Spring cleanup

Keeping the grass away from haskap helps a lot. 

While suffering from a few broken branches due to the heavy snow/ice/melt/freeze conditions in the northeast this past winter, this lineup of haskap looks ready to get growing!

Borealis, Tundra and Berry Smart Blue haskap lineup
Planted May 2012

Buds ready to burst forth on April 17
Brian, Cape Porpoise, ME

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Zone 5b - Springville, UT Honey Bee haskap comeback

I thought I needed to order a replacement for what I thought was a dead Honey Bee haskap that I had planted last year. Last fall, my dog whipped the young haskap with her tail and broke it at the base. To my surprise this past week, the Honey Bee has pushed up a new stem and is growing vigorously. It is already about 2-3 inches tall and leafing profusely. Kevin, Springville, UT Elevation 4,577 ft