Friday, March 17, 2017

Zone 7b - GA - Drought dries up haskap

Last Summer was long and we had a 3 month drought from July 'til September, and the haskap bushes just faded away, no matter how often I watered.  All the Georgia plants survived around them, so I just think it was just too hot for too long.  Obviously Stockbridge, GA is NOT a good place to grow them.  I appreciate being your testing station, and I am sorry I failed :-(.
(Ed. note: Borealis and Honey Bee were planted in June of 2012 Stockbridge is just south of Atlanta)
Carol, Stockbridge, GA


  1. Carol, they may look dead but they aren’t! My mom planted two in Stockbridge and they typically look dead in the summer and then they leaf back out when it cools down!!!

  2. Carol / Skinney - what kind of sun are your haskaps getting? I was considering giving these a shot in a shady spot in Dallas GA.