Friday, March 3, 2017

Zone 6b - TN - Spring haskap blossoms - irrigation and mulch critical for surviving drought

Mulch and drip line irrigation saved haskap from the heat and drought of 2016
I have not lost a single honeyberry plant, (ed. note: out of 64 early blooming varieties Aurora/Borealis/Tundra/Indigo Gem/Berry Smart Blue/Honey Bee planted in late October 2014) although last year the extended drought we experienced here in East Tennessee was a significant.  It was my irrigation system which saved all my plants from severe damage.  That said, the heat we experience here in ET is such that the honeyberries seem to retract into themselves going into summer and not produce further growth. (ed. note: typical of the plant even in more northern zones, but in the north they may experience a small flush of growth or even a few blossoms in the fall after receiving moisture)  Right now the early plants are already blooming because of the unusually warm weather we have been having this year!!  Nothing should be budding or blooming now but I have several fruiting types that are budding and/or blooming; we will have further episodes of cold which will probably kill the now appearing blooms/buds???? (ed. note: haskap blossoms withstand down to 20F/-7C) This is record-breaking heat in both Summer and Winter! 

I have LOTS of birds here and they love my plants!!!  Until the honeyberries begin to make in greater amounts I probably will not get very many!! 

Best regards and thanks for the great plants!!
Robert, Corryton, East Tennessee

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