Friday, April 25, 2014

Zone 5a - Borealis looking good in Iowa

Borealis haskap blossoms
My five Borealis made it through a brutally long and cold Iowa City winter; down to -30 F for several days. They are leafing out and flowering nicely. I could not be happier.

Three were planted last year and two were planted in 2012. As you may remember, the 2012 plants survived a scorching summer drought that year —what a way to start life in my yard. Unfortunately, I still won’t have any berries this year because my Honey Bee pollinator did not make it through the 2012 drought (it was received later in the spring and didn't have as good an opportunity to get established before it turned so hot and dry) I am planting the newly released Aurora this spring as pollenizers for the Borealis.   Fred, Iowa

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