Monday, January 27, 2014

Zone 4a - Idaho Haskap happy at 4,856 feet (1,480 m)

I just called up a grower in southeast Idaho who planted 24 Borealis, 24 Tundra, and 6 Berry Smart Blue in April of 2011. He reported significant growth in 2013, with well established roots and some berry production. He netted against the robbins, so his family was able to enjoy fresh berries and they made some jam. They tended to eat the Tundra fresh as it was the firmest berry, and used a mixture of the Borealis and Berry Smart Blue for the jam, but said all berries tasted good fresh. Berry Smart Blue was the largest and most productive bush. He looks forward to the berries increasing in size as well as a greater yield from the larger bushes this coming spring. Bernis reporting on phone conversation Jan. 27, 2014

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