Sunday, May 26, 2013

Zone 5a, New Hampshire - Beautiful Borealis

Three year old Borealis haskap

All the bushes have berry clusters like this.

The honeyberries are doing great, we are going to have lots of berries this year from the look of things. I must admit when we first got them (April 2011) I was concerned with the size of the bushes, but just last year they must have grown 2 plus feet and are very full, amazing growth. 

They seem to grow well in the soil we have them in. We are lucky if we have 8- 12 inches of topsoil, the rest is sand underneath so it has very good drainage.  I also keep fish so since we planted them  I have been feeding them with water change water, which seems to help out quite a bit.

I may have to prune them back before too many more years. Looking forward to making some jelly this year with them.  Chris, Rochester, NH (May 26, 2013)

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