Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zone 4 - Upper Snake River, Idaho

I planted 24 Borealis, 24 Tundra and 6 Berry Smart Blue the week of April 23, 2011.
These were year old plants from HoneyberryUSA. I dug a hole for each, 20" diameter and about 16-18" deep.  Prepared the soil with a small amount of certified weed-free compost, humate, some straw, and a half gallon of potting soil.  Then placed the soil mix back into the hole and placed the haskap in the center with the top of the root ball 6" below ground level.  I then filled in covering the base stem with 1-2" of soil mix leaving the plant in a 4" deep bowl and also built up a small mound around the 20" hole with the remaining soil.  This looks to be great for times of rain or watering, plus it offers some protection from future wind.  Overall, the shipment looked well packed and arrived in good moist condition with small green buds showing that they were just coming out of dormancy. I do have 3 Borealis and 3 Tundra that do not have buds and the stems are not showing the alive buckskin brownish stems. These 6 have very slender stems that are a dark brown and all are the smallest of the shipment.  I will continue to give great care to these 6 and look for signs of life. April 25, 2011
Later: I have one Borealis that is showing no signs of life, all the rest
recovered and look great.  I have 2 Tundra that are flowering." June 7, 2011
J, north of Idaho Falls, ID

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