Monday, June 13, 2011

Zone 3 - Northern MN - Berry Comparison

Tundra and Blue Belle berry comparison
These berries are both 5/8" long, but the Tundra is twice the width! Both berries are from greenhouse grown plants in their 3rd year of growth. The Blue Belle tastes good to me, and of course we'll have to wait awhile for the Tundra to ripen up! These came from different greenhouses so this is not a good comparison for the ripening rate. There are 2-3 dozen berries on these plants.

Blue Belle (3 yrs) and Tundra (2 yrs, 2' tall)
Looking back on this blog, I see that a month ago Blue Belle was in full bloom, so that gives an idea how long it takes for those berries to form and ripen.
 Bernis, Bagley, MN

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