Thursday, November 11, 2010

Haskap/Honeyberry for sale

Haskap - Honeyberry - Zhimolost plants for sale!!!

Now taking orders for a May 2011 shipping of Canadian haskap. Also taking orders for the Berry Blue Honeyberry pollinizer bush.
*local pickup, USPS/UPS shipping extra, bulk discounts available upon request for 10 plants or more.

Place your order at:

If you understand French, or even if you don't, check out this CBC Saskatchewan Haskap Interview - Oct 12 at 34.13 min mark featuring hobby grower Clayton Wiebe and Dr. Bob Bors from the U of S. Here is a brief translation of the report:

"The report said there is another, new fruit for the farmers of Saskatchewan to grow and more and more farmers are interested in it.  It will find its place in supermarkets.  One farmer has grown them for 4 years.  He said it tastes something like a cross between a raspberry and a blueberry with a zing to the taste.  There is more interest because of its resilience and hardiness.
They interviewed an academic, Dr. Bob Bors, from the U of S who has had contact with people from Czech, Sweden, Russia, Siberia, Finland, Japan. 
In the final segment, Clayton said there is an unexploited market for the berry. There has been a recent discovery of its possibilities. He was shown with recipes cooking them in his kitchen and with jars of them preserved.  He said you have to cover the plants with nets because they have had problems with birds." Collin, SK

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