Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tracking haskap in the USA

Where are haskap being grown in the USA? We are especially interesting in tracking plants from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. But any comments on Edible Blue Honeysuckle are welcome! Honeyberry, as it is known in the USA, zhimolost in Russia - we'd like to hear from you! Let us know in the comment section your state, or province or country, the variety, and how your plants are doing (age, productivity, etc).

We will start off by saying that in September of 2010, we planted 115 Tundra and Borealis haskap from Saskatchewan, Canada, along with 11 of their recommended pollinizer honeyberry, Berry Blue, from Oregon. Shrubs were also sent to North Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Oregon. 25 other Minnesotans received plants from us so it should be interesting to see how they all do in 2011!

For more information, and if you wonder how this all got started, click here.

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