Monday, March 18, 2019

Zone 7a - TN - Early bloomers blooming

Just a picture of the two former twigs!!  Borealis in Athens, TN.   The Japanese varieties bloom at the end of March! And helpful hint to people in Southern States, 40 percent shade cloth in July, August helps and lots of mulch!! They typically look like they are dead in August because they turn brown and wither, but don’t pull them out!!! In October, you will see them leaf out again!

The first one to bloom was the Aurora. Then Borealis and Indigo gem. Aurora is the one that is covered in flowers and usually has the most berries.  The others are in the sun for about 8 hours per day.  The sunny one is in the sun for about 11 hours per day (which may explain why it blooms first).  They are labeled correctly!!  :-)  But, I'm learning a lot since they have been a little bit different than what I've been reading. And getting them to survive the hot, humid summers has been a challenge. But, so far so good! 

Sandra, Athens, TN 

Borealis March 17, 2019

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