Friday, March 23, 2018

Zone 7b - NC - Spring growth in Apex, NC - March 5, 2018

Boreal Beauty 3/5/2018

Boreal Blizzard  3/5/2018 needs replacing

Solo(TM) 3/5/2018
Maxie(TM) 3/5/2018
"I received these plants in November, 2017 and potted them up over winter in 10 gallon pot in mix of: 1/3 potting mix, 1/3 daddy pete's planting mix (pine bark mulch/cow manure) and 1/3 un-composted leaf mulch, amended heavily with holly-tone a high acidity fertilizer (ed. note - honeyberries prefer a range of 5.5 - 8.5 pH) and a medium amount of diatomaceous earth. They have all bloomed and overlap periods between them being very similar. I hand pollinated and unsure of fruit set this year. A few immature blossoms in early winter and a few more full bloom probably starting mid Feb. and ending now in early March, receiving sun for the first half of the day and dappled shade for the second half. They seem to be doing very well and have already put out a lot of new growth."
Lane, Apex, NC

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