Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Zone 5a - IA - Happy for Haskap Berries!

Last year I planted a really small Indigo Gem, a similarly small Aurora, and a quite larger bare root Borealis. THAT YEAR (last summer) both the little potted Aurora and the Indigo Gem put on a few berries (in the single digit amounts) and I reluctantly let them remain just to have a little taste. But I mean - come on now..., plant that summer and see a fruit that summer!?!?!
This year these two have a little more fruit set. The Indigo Gem made enough (see picture) for me to toss a good handful down to see what it was all about while leaving some for Fonda and the kids to try as well. Aurora isn't quite ripe, and Borealis I think only has 2-3 berries that I can see.
So the little plants have been get'n er done!
I really like the Indigo Gem flavor, and am glad you recommend I try it out.
I may get this Western Iowa crowd to growing Honeyberries before it's over!
Jerry, Missouri Valley, IA

(Editor's note: Borealis typically is slower to produce fruit and produces a lighter yield than Aurora or Indigo Gem, but also hides its fruit underneath dense foliage. Remember to let berries ripen for 3 weeks after they turn purple on the outside)

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