Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Zone 4a - MN - Another haskap survival story

Berry Smart Blue berries

The first few years I had the plants (2 Borealis, 1 Tundra, 1 Berry Smart Blue planted 2011) in the forest and they didn't get enough sun to grow enough. Last year I had them in full sun and they grew but then during dog days died back. I wasn't sure they would survive. Then this spring they came back and flowered and the bees pollinated. But then I took off the deer fencing to use on some other plants because after the flowers went away I didn't think the pollination was successful. Then the deer ate the plants and I really gave up. I thought it was all over. But I threw over some make fast deer fencing in hopes of regrowing the plants. Then suddenly this morning I discovered the one odd plant - the bigger one - forgot to check which variety - but there was a dozen or so berries on it. I just harvested and ate them, along with my mom trying one. A strong taste to be sure and what a beautiful dark blue color. It's a powerful little berry and now I look forward to providing shade and deer fencing and to keep growing the haskaps again. It's been a rough road but despite all my errors - these plants are very miraculous! thanks.…
Drew, Marine on St Croix, Minnesota
who later tweeted:
booger hempel
Jun 15
@HoneyberryUSA discovered miracle this am, after torturing plants I got my first haskap berry harvest! Powerful deep blue tart tangy love. 

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