Sunday, November 23, 2014

Zone 4b-5a New Mexico Highlands

I'm trying a couple of plants at 5,000 ft. Albuquerque, and 8-plants at 7,500 ft. Taos. I have:
1 plant left at 7,800 ft. Costilla (-23F. No snow cover. Summer high 85-90F. Last spring frost, 2014, May 27. 13" precipitation per year)
3 plants at 8,200 ft. Amalia

I've not had any success with the Siberian/Russian varieties and am now trying a few Japanese varieties. Of the first two original orders I put in, about half have died and the rest are about 4-6 inches tall after a few years. I find that the sun is too much for them here. I'm moving what I have into a shaded apple orchard to see if they fare better. Also, they don't seem to tolerate drought conditions well at all. Unless you can get them some plants with 8-10" roots they are going to struggle and the sun scalded leaves just don't help. Another grower I work with in New Mexico has reported similar results with their haskap/honeyberry trials. Ron, New Mexico, member of NAFEX (North American Fruit Explorers).

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