Friday, April 27, 2012

Zone 7 - Georgia - Tundra Haskap Berries

I bought 2 Borealis and 2 Tundra haskap/honeyberryplants in the spring of 2011. I planted them at my cabin in the north Georgia mountains. We had a long and *very* dry summer (1 inch of rain over three months), and I was surprised actually to have only lost one of my four honeyberries (one of the Borealis). The other plants are actually thriving in part sun it seems. Considering how hot and dry the summer was here, that's pretty good for a plant that is supposed to live in the frigid north!

Berries from 2 year old Tundra

Berries on 2 year old Tundra

Two year old Tundra growing in part sun, north Georgia mountains
Anyway, this email was just to send you pictures of my first harvest (from the Tundra plants). Not a lot yet, and I'm pretty sure these weren't even pollinated (my pollinator plants are still too small). But let me tell you they sure were delicious :)  Kevin, Georgia

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