Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zone 8 Oregon

March 31, 2011, Cornelius, OR - Flowers on 3 year old haskap from OSU
June 1, 2011 "the berries are grass green yet but man are the plants putting on new growth. some have at least a foot of new growth." doug
2010 foto, Cornelius, OR - Berries on 2 year old haskap from OSU
"japanese haskap propagated in 2008. planted in 2009. when i bought the plants from the Oregon State University they were in six inch pots and about 15 inches tall.  they grew and were very healthy. after i planted them they started to get this browning of the leaves. the browning will get so bad that the plants lose most leaves and go into a dormancy in june.  i am leaning towards powdery mildew but i don't really see any white dust coating any of the leaf top or bottom.  these plants were started from cuttings and they are only identified by number i believe i have 6 different kinds. plants are on drip irrigation. fetilized using 16-16-16 and hazelnut shells (1/2 gal bucket/plant). this year will try Miracle Grow. i just want to make it clear that this is my problem that i have not seen on any other OSU plants." Doug, Cornelius, OR


  1. Nice to find comments on your pages.
    Just to follow up from a few years at this myself. I would not be fertilizing more than a small quantity of 10-15-10 in spring. They lean to acid soil preference although here we have 7.5 to 8 so leaning to alkili quite heavily. They do not respond well in my experience to heavy mulch although they are not likely damaged. One thing which is a real issue is how they were when received. Last information at Haskap Day here in Saskatoon, Curtis B from Haskap Central Sales indicated their experience has been that plants grown in round containers tend to spiral root and if not well spread out in planting they tend to struggle. I would concur with this in my experience. It is quite easy to make shoot cuttings from the fresh growth and start new plants to make another planting spot if you have room and see if that makes a difference. I hope you will report here again. Can you tell us about how the plant is being received in Oregon?
    Clayton from

  2. they were in a six inch pot. this fall i was going to dig up the plants to inspect roots. but i have to be honest that i never thought of the roots being in a ball. this year if not much new growth once they go into dormancy i will dig up and make sure they are spread out. when making shoot cutting does anything need to be done to the cutting other than potting soil , water , light? i do have some rooting hormone .

  3. Doug updated us 2/3/13 with "went out and sprayed my plants with a 3% solution of lime sulfur while dormant. with it being the first of feb. i and a dose of warm weather (55 degrees) in the afternoons i expect to see some buds with leaves starting to show up. i thought the lime sulfur would curb the summer time leaf disease i have been seeing. at the first sign of spots out comes the copper spray. going to give them another dose of acid loving plant fertilizer here soon."